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About Kolomna
Beautiful river trip along the Moskva River
During the spring-summer season (May - September) every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we are happy to invite you on a voyage along the Moskva river.
The museums of Kolomna
Discover traditions!
Treasure of Marina Mnishek
An interactive quest in the Kolomna Kremlin.
Kolomna's Odyssey
Athletic and entertaining program.
Active Leisure
Sport and entertainment.
Tournament of knights
Meeting with Russian knights.
Kolomna Waterman
The monument of a waterman is placed in the Vodovozniy Lane on the bank of the Moskva River.
The monument to Dmitriy Donskoy
The monument to Dmitriy Donskoy was opened in Kolomna in 2007 near the walls of Kolomna Kremlin.
The monument to Cyril and Methodius
The monument to Cyril and Methodius in Kolomna was opened in 2007.
The Saint Nicolas Church in Posad
What a nice grace objectified in the stone!


31 May - 06 June

The Festival of Theatres of the Small Towns of Russia

17 May

Museum of Kolomna’s Money

11 April - 13 April

Vitaliy Litvinov’s Yoga Seminar