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About Kolomna

The museums of Kolomna

“Kolomenskaya pastila”. Pastila is an age-old Russian delicacy, which became the symbol of Kolomna of XVIII-XIX centuries. The museum is located in the old house of well-known family of merchants Suranovi. It was built in the late XVIII century. This house was visited by such famous people as Russian writer Ivan Ivanovich Lazhechnikov who was a creator of historic novel, as Russian writer Boris Pilnyak and others.
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“Kuznechnaya sloboda”. Private museum of blacksmith's work and national trade. The exposition of the museum is based on the collection of Iliya Georgievich Lebedev. It consists of hammered, cast and wood items of different time periods in the history of the city. The exposition of the museum shows us the workplace of village blacksmith, weapons and armor of warriors of past centuries, equipment for fishing and hunting, hammered items for housework, many of which are forgotten now. You can learn about the way the izba (peasant's house) was built and about the tool which were used during the work and cultivating land, about the components of horse harness and many other facts from the life of our ancestors.
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Art-kommunalka. The museum of soviet way of life is located in communal flat, displaying original conditions of household of the USSR era. There are three objects: Art-residence, which consists of art laboratory with artists living there; Gallery; “Erofeeva kuhnya” - cult room in a spirit of soviet nostalgia and souvenir shop. 


Local history museum of Kolomna. The museum is located on the territory of the Kolomna Kremlin. The exposition consists of three departments. The first one dedicated to archeological findings, examples of pottery, stone items, some productions and models of manufactures of Kolomna. The second department demonstrates the pictures of Pimenov, Lukomsky, Lansere, Korin, Vasnetsov, Aivazovsky. In the third department you can see minerals, stuffed birds and animals and everything coherent animal and plant world.
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11 April - 13 April

Vitaliy Litvinov’s Yoga Seminar

17 May

Museum of Kolomna’s Money