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Dear guests! 

Welcome to the “40th Meridian Yacht Club Hotel”

On this page you will find our hotel accommodation rules.

Here you may get acquainted with information concerning terms of booking and checking in, safety and all services provided.

These rules contain all necessary information about our company and aim to make your stay more comfortable and secure.

Sincerely Yours,
Tatiana Kamaeva
General Manager of the “40th Meridian Hotels Group”

40th Meridian Hotel Accommodation Rules

I General Terms

      Basic vocabulary:
      • “Hotel” – building intended to provide temporary accommodation.
      • “Guest” - person willing to receive hotel services for private or business use.
      • “Executive Party” – "40-th Meridian" LLC, "40-Meridian" LLC, and also the sole proprietor, who are providing hotel services.
      The Hotel is intended for Guests' temporary accommodation for a period agreed with the Executive Party. After the expiry of the agreed period Guest must leave the room. For prolongation of the stay period Guest must announce it no later that two hours before apppointed check-out time. Prolongation is available only in the case that the room is not booked for other Guests.
      The Hotel works 24 hours a day.
      Guest check-in is possible only by showing his or her passport or some other identification document. For under-aged persons a certificate of birth is obligatory.
      Foreign citizens must show their passports and migration cards.
      Guest must sign hotel registration form at check-in and after that the receptionist will give him or her a personal room key and guest card.
      Visitors are allowed from 8 a.m to 23 p.m only by invitation of Guests. All visitors must present their identification documents and get visitors cards.
      Executive party will cancel the Guest’s booking if the Guest has no identification document, the Guest has some form of debt in the Hotels, or the Guest has unpaid damages of the Hotel property.
      In the case of finding lost items of Guest, Hotel will inform the Guest and save these objects for three months from the date of its finding.
      Hotel does not sell tobacco products.
      Wellness zone is available for all Guests. All visitors have to pay for its use according to the existing price list.
      Rent of Spa zone for private use is possible if there is not occupancy and is paid in accordance with the actual price. Visitors are allowed to the Spa zone if it is rented. No more than 8 persons at the same time are allowed in the Spa one.
      Executive Party is not responsible for loss of Guest’s money, jewelry or other valuables.
      Book of complaints and suggestions resides at the reception and is given to Guests at any demand.

II Booking and payment terms

      Booking of rooms is made in oral or written form by means of telephone, post, mail or e-mail, fax order, or by visiting the Hotel.
      Booking order should include: Guest’s name and surname, date of visit, quantity of rooms, category of rooms, check-in and check-out dates and contact information.
      Booking is considered to be guaranteed in the case that it is paid in advance but no later than one day before arrival.
      Bookings that are not guaranteed are cancelled at 4 p.m. in case of Guest’s no-show.
      Payment is to be fully made by all Guests at check-in. Bill and receipt are given to the Guest at check-out.
      Check-in and check-out time is 14:00 pm (noon).
      Checking in before the check-in time or checking out after the check-out time is possible only after the advanced approval of the Hotel. Additional fee is charged:
      • less than 6 hours – hourly payment
      • from 6 to 12 hours – half day payment
      • more than 12 hours – full day payment
      Additional breakfast if necessary is paid according to the actual price list.
      If a Guest cancels booking less than 24 hours before the arrival Hotel will charge penalty at the rate of daily stay.
      In case of Guest’s delayed arrival extra penalty is charged. Guest’s refusal to pay for delayed arrival is sufficient to cancel his or her booking.
      Children under 7 years are accommodated free of charge with no additional bed provided.
      Payment for additional bed and breakfast is charged in accordance with the official price list.
      Accommodation with animals is possible but is to be discussed in advance. Additional payment in the amount of 30% of the daily rate is charged.
      Additional services are provided in accordance with official price lists. All additional services are pre-paid.
      Booking of 10 or more rooms is regulated individually and involve signing a contract.

III Responsibility of Parties

      Executive party agrees to:
          Provide guests with necessary information about the Hotel and services provided
          Provide Guests with the following services with no charge:
          • Change of bed linen and towels
          • Phone calls to all emergency services
          • Calls to order taxi
          • Delivery of post addressed to Guest
          • Wake up call
          • Providing of sewing kit, dinner kit and flatware, iron and ironing table
          Consider Guest’s complaints and take timely actions to satisfy Guest’s needs.
          Provide services corresponding to all sanitation and epidemiological requirements.
      Executive Party is not responsible for city lines and utilities functioning.
      Guest agrees to:
          Follow all accommodation rules and rules of public policy
          Know and follow fire safety rules.
          In case of Hotel property damage cover a loss. Loss is stated by reference on official prices.
          Take responsibility for Visitors invited to their rooms.
          Leaving a room close all water plugs and windows, turn off the light and all electrical devices.
          Pay off all services performed and inform receptionist about leaving.

IV Safety Rules

      At the Hotel it is forbidden to:
          Leave visitors at the rooms alone as well as pass them room keys or Guest personal card
          Stock big objects, highly flammable materials, weapons, chemically dangerous and radioactive materials, quicksilver.
          Smoke in non-smoking rooms and at the Hotel public places
          Use any kind of heating elements except for those provided by the Hotel.
          Disturb Guests from the surrounding rooms
          Move furniture
      At the Hotel territory it is forbidden to:
          Make fires in inappropriate places
          Set off fireworks
          Bring to the restaurant and drink spirits which were not purchased at the territory of the Hotel
          Bring and consume drinks in glass bottles on the territory of the Wellness Center and all Sport Sites.
          Stock highly flammable materials, weapons, chemically dangerous and radioactive materials, addictive substances. Guests or Visitors permitted to have objects listed above are required to provide relevant documents. Weapons should be defined as objects listed in the Russian Federation Weapon Legislative Act.
      Receptionist reserves the right to open Guest’s room in his absence in case of fire and fire smoke, water overflow, violation of electrical device use as well as in case of Guests accommodation and public rules violation.
      In case of Guest’s absence in Hotel for more than a day or 6 hours after check in time Hotel administration has the right to open the room and make an inventory of Guest’s belongings.
      Hotel reserves the right not to serve Guests who are under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or other drugs.
      Hotel guarantees information confidentiality and security of private information.
      All public areas in Hotel are under video surveillance.
      Executive Party has the right to deny Guests to prolong accommodation period and to cancel their stay in case of payment delay, damage of the Hotel property, not adhering to the accommodation rules, etc.

    V Settlement of Disputes

        In case of disputes both Parties agree to solve them in place.
        If a problem can not be solved in place, Guest should state his or her claim in written form. Absence of claim in written form serves as a basis for its full or partial denial.
        Executive party agrees to consider a claim within 10 days of it being written and submitted.
        In case of situations not mentioned in accommodation rules, all disputes are decided in accordance with the existing laws of the Russian Federation.

    These rules have been worked out in accordance with the Russian Federation Consumer Protection Act (#171-ФЗ , December 21, 2004) and General Hotel Regulation in Russian Federation (#490, April 25, 1997)