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The Saint Nicolas Church in Posad

The Saint Nicolas Church in Posad
In the small quiet side street among village houses, high wooden fences, front gardens which can be hardly seen through lilac bushes there is a beautiful monument of the early XVIII century. This church can be compared with Russian beauty in the bridal array with jewellery and fanciful lace.

What a nice grace objectified in the stone! First of all, you pay your attention to the high part of the cube which is finished by four-row of small corbel arches and miniature five-dome above. Corner parts are covered by enameled tile, and central part is covered by gilding.

The Saint Nicolas Church in Posad is one of the oldest churches in Kolomna. During the times of the Golden Horde in Kolomna Posad there was founded a church devoted to Nicolas “the Wet”, who was mentioned in cadastres in 1577 – 1578. Stone Nicolas Church was founded in the early XVIII century on the money of the parishioners.

This the merchant church, which was built in the style of Moscow baroque, has wide household basement, high summer church and side temple devoted to Saint Nicolas.


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