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Kolomna Waterman

Kolomna Waterman
The monument of a waterman is placed in the Vodovozniy Lane on the bank of the Moskva River. Originally, it was the place where watermen took drinking water, delivered it to the city dwellers and sold it. In 1902 the water pipe became available as a primary source of water. After that the job of watermen died out because Kolomna’s inhabitants had the opportunity to take water by themselves.

As envisioned the author of the monument – a young artist and blacksmith Anton Yakushev – the waterman has not only a barrel and a dog, but also a cup, which is specially made for everyone who wants to exchange a coin for a good luck.


11 April - 13 April

Vitaliy Litvinov’s Yoga Seminar

17 May

Museum of Kolomna’s Money